Dear Visitor, You are one click away from downloading a GMABooster, the world's first and only perfomance boost solution for Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator series (currently supported chipsets: GMA 950 (mobile Intel® 945 family) and GMA 900 (mobile Intel® 915 family)).

Offering up to an astonishing 2.4x of extra processing power for Your computer's integrated graphics engine, the GMABooster is a must-have tool for every user interested in advanced 3D gaming, truly flawless Windows® 7/8/10 and Mac® OS X experience, smoother operation of Google® Earth, improved video playback, and perfomance gain in a variety of professional applications!

One might ask: 2.4x boost without adjusting the voltage (right, Your hardware will not be exposed in any way!), how is it possible?
Please read here to find out.

Why wait? Try GMABooster Yourself and experience the 2.2x extra MTriangles/sec in Multitexturing test and 1.8x extra FPS in Pixel Shader test (Source: FutureMark® 3DMark® '06). Try it Yourself and experience a solid boost of vital minimum FPS in the demanding games and a truly flawless Aero Glass experience in Windows® 7/8/10!

GMABooster is a free program, available for Windows®, Mac® OS and Linux®. Yes, it's totally free... what could be better? :)

Dear Users, if You have any questions, ideas or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact the developers. No emails remain unprocessed!

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